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Silica Cased Immersion Heaters

Joule Tech ceramic
Application »
To heat-up various acidic solutions where no metal withstands. Generally this heater is used in electroplating industries. The heater is operated vertically only.
Joule Tech ceramic

Construction »
Sheathing–This type of heaters have quartz silica tube sheathing, closed from bottom. Rubber cap with terminal wires are mounted on the top. Heater terminals are fixed very firmly with the outer wires. It consist of non-sinkable heating element, as the heater is suitable for vertical installation only.

Advantage »
This heater is designed to heat-up the solutions rapidly as the same have more watt density than the rod type heater. This heater is also available with built in thermostat.

Standard sizes and capacities:
  • Length - 12” , 18” , 24” , 30” & 36”
  • Capacity – Volts – 240
  • Watts – 1000 to 4000
  • Terminal wire length – 1.5 Mtrs.

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