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Ceramic & Mica Band-Nozzle heaters

Joule Tech ceramic
Application »
Basically this type of heater is applied in plastic injection moulding machines of various makes.
It is also used for heating dies, plattern pipe sections, nozzles etc.

Construction »
Sheathing - rust resistant steel, brass or stainless steel are used with clamps & screws to affix the heater rigidly on cylinder. It is also available in two halves with asbestos heat insulater cover. Heating elements - Nichrome ribbin wire wound mica strip are made suitable to the sizes insulated with mica blocks. The element is wound uniformly to eliminate hot spot. For temperature upto 600°C, the heater is also available with helix coiled element insulated with grooved refractories.

Standard sizes and capacities »
  • Inner dia. - 25 mm to 300 mm
  • Width - 25 mm to 300 mm
  • Volts - 230 / 250
  • Watts - 80 to 3000

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