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Heating Air (Radiation Heating)

Radiation heaters offered are well recognized for their easy replace-ability, longer service life and capability to provide excellent heating in open air. These heaters are available in different specifications from 20 mm to 100 mm O.D and in lengths up to 3000 mm inches. Further, these are also available in KW ranges from 2.5 KW to 27 KW. Some of the applications these are used in include Fertilizer, Packaging, Printing, Textile, Chemical and many more industries. With adherence to surfaces for faster conduction and convection of heat, the solutions offered under this category includes:

  Infrared Heaters
Infrared heaters is further divided into:
Ceramic Sealed Infrared Heaters   Quartz Infrared Heating Elements   Short Wave Infrared Heaters & Modules   Twin Tube Infrared Heaters
Short Wave Infrared Heaters with fixing clips            

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