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Perforated Band Heaters

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  • Joule Tech ceramic
    Heat cylinders / barrels of plastic processing machinery / soft metal melting pots / Vessels / where the heaters are installed without cover and in visible manner.
  • Ceramic knuckles withstand very high temperature and it is much rugged in compare to micanite insulating sheet.
  • Power - up to 40 Watts / Sq. inch can be accommodate with simple type / On-Off temp. Controlling system. And higher wattage i.e. up to 50 Watts / Sq. inch can be provided if the heater will be operated through thyristor based temp. Controller.
  • Suitable for max. surface temperature up to 700° C.
  • Heater will have double jacket. First jacket will prevent radiated heat loss and Second / Outer jacket will keep hot surface hidden inside and will not give scorching effect if touched mistakenly. So, it is much safer for the machine operator.
  • This jacketed heater will save power considerably, by preventing heat loss.
  • It heats the job more quickly & efficiently, thus increases productivity and decreases lost of time.
  • This heater is tailor made / can be fabricated as per specific requirement. (size, rating & supply voltage).
  • Ideal electric Joule Tech for heating cylindrical surface.

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