All kinds of Electrical Heating Elements, Temperature Controllers, Sensors, Fiberglass Wires.
Circular Heaters

Joule Tech ceramic
Application »
To heat up storage tanks, jacketed kettles, wax melting, reactors, blending mills, oven coils, fuel oil pre-heating, drying air, etc. The Heater acts as a convector to heat up water, air, steam, gases & oil etc.
Joule Tech ceramic

Construction »
'U' shaped or rod type heating elements are mounted in a heavy flange, elements are sheated in copper, steel or alloy to resist chemical action with appropriate heating surface watt, densities normally required. The flange, is welded to one end of a thick wall pipe or heating chamber. Threaded inlet, outlet and mounting legs are welded to the chamber, at end opposite the flange, a closure with centered drain tap, terminalwiring area is enclosed. Completely insulated chamber and built in thermostat is also available if suitable to requirement.

Standard sizes and capacities:
Dimensions as per specifications and requirements.
  • Volts - 240-440-3 phase
  • Watts - 3.0 KW to 60.0 KW

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